Research and Development

DiscoverBrands has partnered up with a new company known as Brave Software Inc, based in California, as a verified publisher of its new browser called Brave, incepted in 2016. The Brave browser was invented by Brendan Eich, an industry veteran who created JavaScript and Mozilla Firefox. Brave blocks ads and trackers by default so that users can browse faster, by saving about 5 seconds of load time per page on a typical cell connection by not downloading ads and safer, by reducing chances of being infected by malware, ransomware and spyware through trackers.
To download the browser, click here

Brave browser has a blockchain-based reward system called Brave Payments, that utilizes Basic Attention Token. Basic Attention Token is a utility token based on the Ethereum technology, that is used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers and users in the Brave browser. The token's utility is derived from or denominated by user attention. Attention is really just focused mental engagement; on an ad or content, in this case. The token is convertible to Bitcoin, which then can be converted to fiat currency i.e. USD, Euro, Ksh etc. Read more on