Tour DiscoverBrands

Discovering Brands

Start by tapping on or mousing over any brand on your smartphone or PC respectively.

Searching for Brands

You can search for brands by clicking the menu button then select Search. On the search page input keywords related to activities of the brands you’re interested in e.g. banking, insurance, data etc. Enter brand name(s) to find a specific brand(s). Filter your search by selecting category, country, state and city then press submit.

Listing Brands

To list brands, register an account or login if you already have an account. For optimum user experience, use a PC to interact with the dashboard. On the dashboard, click on “Add New Brand” then input Brand Name, Logo, Keywords (related to brand’s activities) and Links e.g. Website, Facebook Page, Twitter Handle etc. then press Submit. To check your brand, log out then enter its name on the Search Page.


DiscoverBrands is FREE for both brands and consumers who want to get discovered and discover respectively. However, the top 8 brands in the first page of the gallery of brands will be charged two types of premiums, that is, Homepage and Keywords Premiums. The Homepage Premium targets the general audience that land on our homepage, while the Keywords Premium targets a niche audience that use our search engine to discover specific brands Each premium has two bundles, that is CPC and CPM. CPC means Cost per Click, in which the set number of clicks a brand can get throughout a campaign is 100 with unlimited views, while CPM means Cost per Mille, in which the set number of views a brand can get throughout a campaign is 1000 with unlimited clicks. The bundles for the Homepage Premium cost $50 each while the bundles for the Keywords Premium cost $5 each.

Creating a campaign for a brand

Login to your account and go to the “Campaigns” tab on the left pane and select Homepage or Keyword Premium as illustrated below.

Select a bundle, that is, CPC or CPM, for the selected Premium of choice. The go to the drop down and select a brand or brands in your account which you want to create a campaign for and on pressing “Start Now” you’ll be redirected to the checkout page where you check out securely using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. On checking out successfully your brand will appear with a blue frame on the top 8 slots for whichever premium you chose as shown below