Building strategies focusing on: mentorship, research & development, training & capacity building and replicating old and new circular business models. We create new job opportunities for the youth, women, refugees and persons with disabilities as we democratize manufacturing for self reliance through local and international symbiotic partnerships.

DiscoverBrands is a Kenyan based social enterprise that works with community groups such as CBO’s and BMU’s in partnership with development and facilitating partners to help create and replicate innovative and sustainable recycling business models around Kenya and the continent.

We recycle waste plastics in to functional end products using locally produced technological machinery made from locally sourced materials and parts. Our goal is to spearhead the Green and Circular Economy Agenda in Kenya and the globe at large. Our aim to help reduce the GHG (Green House Gas Emissions) emitted through plastic waste pollution hence leading to global warming and resulting to irregular climate patterns i.e. Climate Change.

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