About Us

Introduction to DiscoverBrands

DiscoverBrands is a digital marketing platform that enables consumers discover brands, especially new ones. It’s the world’s database of brands.

Value Proposition of DiscoverBrands

DiscoverBrands is an improvement from business and niche directories such as Yellow Pages and Product Hunt respectively, both in structure and scope. In terms of structure, business and niche directories have predefined, finite categories and subcategories under which brands have to list themselves. For example, an organization that deals with relatively new subcategories such “Augmented Reality” and “AI” will list themselves under “IT” subcategory, under “Computers and Internet” category, which is limiting to exposure of the brand to niche audiences.

Copies of Yellow Pages

DiscoverBrands on the hand has replaced subcategories with keywords, which enables brands list as many keywords associated with them under four broad categories:

  • For-Profit
  • Non-profit
  • Governmental
  • Inter-Governmental

These keywords listed by brands are captured by our powerful search engine, hence matching brands with their niche audiences. Below is an illustration of the structure of traditional business directories such as Yellow Pages vs DiscoverBrands.

In terms of scope, business directories such as Yellow Pages lists entities, which are typically organizations. Niche directories such as Product Hunt lists non-entities, which are products and services offered by organizations. DiscoverBrands is a game changer since it lists both entities and non-entities.

Benefits of DiscoverBrands

DiscoverBrands is a content-linking system and there are two predominant content channels which are World Wide Web (www) and Social Media. The World Wide Web channels includes websites, web apps and blogs. Social Media channels includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. The art and science of boosting www channels to the top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The art and science of using Social Media channels to boost product awareness to consumers is called Social Media Optimization (SMO).

DiscoverBrands can help boost SEO by enabling brands list their information and links, that will be crawled by search engines thus improve their search results ranking on search engines. DiscoverBrands can help boost SMO by providing a brand with a platform to link consumers with their social media channels e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.