Environmental Awareness

As a plastic recycling company, there are several actions that DiscoverBrands takes to promote environmental awareness. Some of our initiatives commonly implemented are:

Recycling Education: We organize workshops, seminars, or awareness campaigns to educate the public about the importance of plastic recycling. These initiatives include explaining the recycling process, the types of plastics that can be recycled, environmental benefits of recycling and also teach on green and circular principles, concepts and best practices.

Community Outreach: We engage with local communities by participating in environmental events and partnering with schools, colleges, and community organizations. Offer informative sessions, interactive activities, and demonstrations to promote recycling and raise awareness about the impact of plastic waste on the environment.

Recycling Programs: We have established recycling programs in collaboration with local businesses, municipalities, and organizations. We provide collection bins and facilitate the collection and processing of plastic waste. Communicate the benefits of recycling to encourage participation and ensure the materials are properly recycled.

Public Relations and Media: We engage with media outlets to raise awareness about your company’s recycling efforts. We share success stories, milestones, and initiatives through press releases, interviews, and social media platforms. We utilize various communication channels to reach a broader audience and promote responsible plastic waste management.

Collaboration with NGOs and Environmental Organizations: We have partnered with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and environmental organizations working towards sustainability and waste management. We have collaborated on joint initiatives to support campaigns, and contribute to research and development projects aimed at improving recycling technologies.

Product Development: We explore opportunities for creating new products from recycled plastics. Develop innovative solutions that showcase the versatility of recycled materials and demonstrate how recycling contributes to a circular economy. By showcasing the end products, we encourage individuals and businesses to choose recycled plastics.

Life Cycle Analysis: We conduct life cycle assessments to analyze the environmental impact of our recycling processes. We Identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to minimize energy consumption, emissions, and waste generation throughout the recycling chain.

Employee Engagement: We foster an environmentally conscious culture within your company. We educate and involve our employees in sustainability initiatives, provide training on waste management practices, and encourage them to contribute ideas for further environmental improvements.

Certifications and Standards: We adhere to recognized certifications and standards related to sustainable recycling practices.

Research and Development: We allocate resources to research and development efforts focused on improving recycling technologies, exploring new recycling methods, and finding sustainable alternatives to plastic. We engage in collaborations with academic institutions and other industry players to drive innovation in plastic recycling.