Waste Management

Plastics have their impact on the environment through all stages of their existence from manufacture to utilization and disposal. Manufacturing requires significant quantities of fossil fuels, a non-renewable resource. Burning of plastics releases smoke which contaminates the environment. The smoke contains small particulates, hazardous substances and greenhouse gases. The disposal of plastics products also contributes significantly to their environmental impact. Most plastics are not biodegradable and can persist in the environment for many years. Plastics can cause blockage of drainage and sewage systems resulting in water logging, flooding and spread of water borne diseases. With more and more plastics products, particularly packaging, being disposed of soon after their purchase, the landfill space required by plastics waste is a growing concern.

We are a youth led initiative and we partner with Counties, BMU’s (Beach Management Units) and CBO’s (Community based organizations). Our overall goal is to incentivize the youth, women and persons with disabilities by successfully collecting/recovering, sorting, baling, cleaning and recycling plastic from land and ocean ecosystems. This is with a mission to create a constant supply of waste plastic as a resource for recycling companies (including ours) in the region as we create new job opportunities for the youth in the Country.

While the PET bottles are resold to partner recycling companies in the county, our project utilizes the PE caps for recycling into new plastic products such as plastic merchandise and plastic lumber using DiscoverBrands recycling technologies.

In addition to limit dumping at the ocean, river banks and to maintain the riparian ecosystem, the team assists the community BMU’s and CBO’s by organizing clean-ups with our partners i.e. Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, Githuka Waste Management, SARDA etc.